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Venice, the most attractive tourist destination in the world

I am in my travel all the wind; I’m really not sure where to start about Venice. Venice, the most attractive tourist destination in the world, are usually called “bridge city” or “city of water”. This is 3.5 hours or 5 hours from milan and Rome, easy to take the train. Statistics show that the city has a population of about 270000, 60000 visitors a day on average in 2011.

If you have tired of the noise around Rome, milan or Europe, Venice is the right place to relax! Appreciate each part of Venice, the best mode of transportation is actually walking. If you have additional budget surplus or impress your partner and engagement advice, you may want to the boat. Like many flat sail in the bridge, the bridge of romance. However, it is clear bargaining process, may close you end up with a soaring prices.
My most important suggestion for novice in Venice was buy a detailed map. Venice was a city, more than 100 islands good connection with Bridges. For me, it is like a giant maze hundreds of way to get the final destinations. There is one thing, don’t forget, is the grand canal and three famous bridge – rialto colleges and Scalzi.


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